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Are you a friendly brand or do you just seem friendly ?Updated 2 years ago

Pun intended, but on a serious note, you do have a point. A few more customers have also jokingly pointed this out.

We are getting lots of love & appreciation for the kind of dresses & service we offer. 

We seem to be the only fashion brand in the world:

  • Introducing 30+ fresh, handcrafted, and honestly priced designer styles every week, in eco-friendly fabrics with a minimal and functional design aesthetic.
  • Offering everything in 23 Size and 3 Height options. Similar brands offer 5 sizes, while we offer 69.
  • Shipping to 154 countries with delivery in 7 Business days**, with Free Shipping and an Easy Returns and Exchange Policy.

** Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we expect to deliver orders within 18-20 Business Days.

You may also check our Reviews Page to hear directly from our customers.

As long as our dresses and services seem (pun intended) to be doing justice to our customers' expectations, we think we can live with this twist in our name.

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