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Are you for real?Updated 2 years ago

This question is asked a lot. Mostly because our offering seems too good to be true.

We seem to be the only fashion brand in the world:

  • Introducing 30+ fresh, handcrafted, and honestly priced designer styles every week, in eco-friendly fabrics with a minimal and functional design aesthetic.
  • Offering everything in 23 Size and 3 Height options. Similar brands offer 5 sizes, while we offer 69.
  • Shipping to 154 countries with delivery in 7 business days, with Free Shipping & Easy Returns and Exchange Policy.

** Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we expect to deliver orders within 18-20 Business Days.

Here's some info about SeamsFriendly LLP:

  • LLP Identification Number: AAN-6680
  • GSTIN (India): 08ADUFS9223L1Z6
  • IEC: ADUFS9223L
  • PAN: ADUFS9223L
  • Registered office address: F-5, Vinay Path, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan- 302016, India

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