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General Queries

How do I place an order?

Here are the steps you can follow to place an order:Pick a product you love.Select your size and height.Hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button.Verify the items in your cart. You can also add some instructions for us, using the ‘Add Order Note’ field. Once done

What’s your Price vs. Value offering?

Thank you for providing us an opportunity to share what's unique about our merchandise, and why our pricing is reasonable (compared to the value we bring to the table):Our items are designer-made using time taking processes like hand-weaving, hand-sp

What is your thought on Sustainability?

We try to make responsible, thoughtful, conscious decisions in every aspect of our operations from why we choose to do or not do something, to how we do something.Here are a few ways we do our bit:Every item is produced exclusively against an order.

Do you take orders over the phone?

No, we do not accept orders over the phone. However, if you have difficulty placing an order through our website, we'll be happy to help. Send us an email or say Hello to us on chat.We are here to resolve any query or concern at the earliest.Head ove

Do you have any retail store?

Why make you go through the trouble of going to a physical store, when we can be wherever you are? We are just a tap away - on your mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Do I have to register to shop at SeamsFriendly?

We want you to check-out hassle-free without having to enter your details again and again. Registering with us makes it easy! This allows you to keep record of your address and other details, so it can be accessed easily the next time you place an or

How do I get in touch with SeamsFriendly’s Customer Care?

That’s easy!It's always our pleasure to make shopping fun. Feel free to get in touch :)Chat with us: Click on the chat icon on the bottom right corner of our website to start a conversation over chat.Call or Whatsapp UsEmail us at hello@seamsfriendly

What is a billing address?

The address which is registered with your respective bank/credit card company is your billing address. Note: The payment will go through only if your billing address matches with the on-record address of the bank/credit card company.

Where are your products made?

All our products are made in-house at our Design Studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. You can get to know us better at

Are you for real?

This question is asked a lot. Mostly because our offering seems too good to be true.We seem to be the only fashion brand in the world:Introducing 30+ fresh, handcrafted, and honestly priced designer styles every week, in eco-friendly fabrics with a m

Are you a friendly brand or do you just seem friendly ?

Pun intended, but on a serious note, you do have a point. A few more customers have also jokingly pointed this out.We are getting lots of love & appreciation for the kind of dresses & service we offer. We seem to be the only fashion brand in the worl

Why don't I see diversity of model sizes in your photos?

We would surely like to try it and have debated it internally, but there are some practical problems we face:Finding good, professional models is very difficult in Jaipur, India. Finding a diverse set of professional models is even tougher.Sample Cre