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Why do you seek actual body measurements when I have already chosen a size?Updated 2 years ago

Seamsfriendly was born with an ambitious mission to provide better fitting designer wear to women who are underserved by major apparel brands, across the world. 

**The majority of brands make clothes in 5-7 standard sizes that are suitable for ~ 30% of women. Most of these brands make clothes based on a standard height of 5'4" in mind. Even if the customer is of the standard height, their Bust ~ Waist ~ Hip can vary from the proportions offered by the brand.

  • On average, major apparel brands have a return rate of 20-40%. SeamsFriendly's return rate is ~4%. This unbelievably low return rate is achieved with support and cooperation from our customers. Even though we ask the customer to select their size as per actual body measurements (not garment measurements), customers still end up choosing the wrong size. Some of them upsize or downsize based on the style of the garment, and others choose based on the sizes worn at other brands.
  • After collecting feedback on sizing and fit from our customers, we proactively started seeking measurements from customers, post-order placement. We wanted to provide a Great Fit the first time around. Based on these measurements, we started a virtual fit trial routine (internally) to improve our size and fit. Most of our customers praised this initiative as it increased the chances of getting a better fit. 
  • Higher Return Rates are wasteful for the customer, the environment, and business. Lower Return Rates reduced costs for us, and in turn, we were able to offer lower prices for our garments. Delivering a better fit the first time around also saved a lot of time and stress for our customers. It's a win-win for all.

We hope this rather lengthy explanation will help you appreciate our practice of seeking actual body measurements.

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