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Why don't I see diversity of model sizes in your photos?Updated 2 years ago

We would surely like to try it and have debated it internally, but there are some practical problems we face:

  • Finding good, professional models is very difficult in Jaipur, India. Finding a diverse set of professional models is even tougher.
  • Sample Creation is a very long & thorough process. Size, drape & fit trial is a very critical part of this process. At the design stage, we aren't sure which size model will be available for the photoshoot. So as a convenience, we make samples in sizes 32, 34, or 36 as models in these sizes are readily available, and their body proportions do not vary that much from model to model.
  • Let's say we create samples in size 46", with a particular height. If a model (in that size) isn't available at that time, getting another model in that size with similar body proportions (across the shoulder, around arms, armhole, height, body shape, etc.) is extremely unlikely as these parameters vary a lot, across the size spectrum.

We seem to be the only designer apparel brand in the world that is:

  • Introducing 30+ fresh, handcrafted, and honestly priced designer styles every week, in eco-friendly fabrics with a minimal and functional design aesthetic.
  • Offering everything in 23 Size and 3 Height options. Similar brands offer 5 sizes, while we offer 69.
  • Shipping to 154 countries with delivery in 7 business days**, with Free Shipping & Easy Returns and Exchange Policy.

** Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we expect to deliver orders within 18-20 Business Days.

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