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Can I return an item if my reason isn’t included in the Return Policy? For eg. I don’t like it ‘or’ I’m not happy with the way it fits or looks on me, etc.?Updated 2 years ago

Normally, we do not encourage such returns as all returns have a negative impact on the environment, and on business viability. We also do not encourage buying different sizes or multiple items or multiple colors to try at home with the intention to return.

Please refer to our Size Guide, product images, and accompanying description before making a purchase. If you have any doubts or queries, Contact Us before making a purchase, so that chances of dissatisfaction are minimized.

One person’s interpretation of a good fit or looking good may be different from another, and that makes serving a diverse, global audience challenging. 

With these facts in mind, we hope you will reconsider your insistence on such returns.

Still, if you insist on returning the items for the above mentioned reasons, we may accept return requests on a case to case basis solely on our discretion, subject to these additional conditions:

  • It should not be Style Customised.
  • You will have to ship it back at your own cost.
  • We will refund the item value in the form of Store Credit.

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