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What is your thought on Sustainability?Updated 2 years ago

We try to make responsible, thoughtful, conscious decisions in every aspect of our operations from why we choose to do or not do something, to how we do something.

Here are a few ways we do our bit:

  1. Every item is produced exclusively against an order. This practice helps avoid unsold, excess inventory - which goes in landfills (~25% of clothes manufactured by big brands)
  2. We pack each order in a reusable bag made from upcycled Katran (Waste Fabric), further minimizing waste. 
  3. High-quality plant-based natural fabrics ensure that your clothes last longer. They are durable and minimize wastage.
  4. We use buttons that are derived from natural sources, instead of plastic buttons. By using natural materials, we reduce the discharge of harmful chemicals associated with textile production.
  5. Most of our products are dyed in Azo-Free, Vegetable, or Natural dyes. Some of our garments are made from organic fabrics. 
  6. By creating, and working with timeless silhouettes - we offer styles that are evergreen. This helps avoid the incessant dumping of clothes.
  7. Most work on our garments is done by hand, instead of a machine - from yarn making to garment tailoring. This creates more jobs for more people, per dress, compared to large-scale manufacturers and brands.
  8. We are trying to support, preserve, and promote vanishing art & crafts by including them in the majority of our garments. These include Hand-Block printing, Ikat, Kantha Embroidery, and many more.
  9. We operate in full compliance with local, national, and international best practices and laws. We offer Fair Wages, Law-Abiding work hours, Safe Work Environment, and Social Security to all our employees. We do not employ child labor.
  10. We are a digital-native, vertically integrated, direct to consumer brand, which allows us to bypass the margins of intermediaries - wholesalers, resellers, retailers. Hence, we are able to offer designer apparel at affordable prices, direct to your doorstep.
  11. You can style our products in numerous ways to get multiple looks from every piece. Repetition is not even a real problem anymore. This way you get more out of every purchase from SeamsFriendly.

We are a new brand and are taking baby steps. We welcome any suggestions on what more we can do, or avoid. We don’t know if what we do is considered sustainable or not, but we take great pride in what we do and how we do it.

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